Members of the Trust have published their research. This may have appeared as articles in our Newsletters, or on occasion in a full publication. These are set out below with details of how these can be ordered. 

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The Trust's first publication (2001) In Pursuit of the Picturesque - William Gilpin's Surrey Excursion by Joan Percy was very well received.

It tells how, in August 1768, William Gilpin, then headmaster of Cheam School in Surrey, made an excursion through Banstead and Reigate to Dorking and thence to the Rookery at Westcott, returning via Mickleham and Ashtead.  His previously unpublished manuscript description of this expedition is held by the Bodleian Library at Oxford.  It mentions the great estates and describes the 'Picturesque' scenes which he observed along the way.

This book gives an account of his life and ideas and relates the history of these estates - Gatton, Betchworth Castle, Denbies, the Rookery, the Deepdene, Norbury and Ashtead Park - including research carried out by members of the Surrey Gardens Trust.  It is copiously illustrated, mostly with contemporary maps, engravings and watercolours, including a number by John Hassell which are held by the Surrey History Centre.

Among appreciative reviews was this completely unsolicited email which read: "I want to record my pleasure upon receiving my two copies of Gilpin on Saturday.  The post arrived whilst I was still abed and I did not get up until I had read it!  It is a superbly produced volume, full of interesting sidelights, commentary and observation.  The index and references are splendid and the layout, typeface, paper and production are as good as I have seen.  I especially appreciated the copious illustrations, and in particular the quality of the colour prints.  Its production is a tribute to the Trust, the authoress and others who contributed to it.  The scholarly, yet simply presented, exposition made it a joy to read and it will remain, I am sure, in a class of its own."

In Pursuit of the Picturesque was written by Joan Percy and published by the Surrey Gardens Trust.  It costs £9.95 plus £1.25 postage and packing.  116 pages, 55 black and white and 35 colour illustrations.  ISBN 0 9540630 0 7.


The Trust has also been associated with Nature and Tradition - Arts and Crafts Architecture and Gardens in and around Guildford. Local societies, Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council have collaborated to put together a well illustrated survey of the Arts and Crafts houses and gardens in and around Guildford plus information on others to visit beyond Guildford and Surrey.

It is hoped that residents, newcomers and visitors to present-day Guildford will enjoy finding out about the wealth of Arts and Crafts buildings and gardens that exist in the area through the work of such notable architects and designers as Edwin Lutyens, C F A Voysey, M H Baillie Scott, Gertrude Jekyll and others.

Nature and Tradition was published by The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey. The new and enlarged edition costs £5.95 plus £1.05 postage and packing. 75 pages, 18 colour and 61 black and white illustrations.  ISBN 0 9537615 1 7.

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Three hundred years ago, in May 1705, Christopher Kilby was born in Boston, America. He settled in London from 1740 and then in 1763 retired from his mercantile interests to Betchworth where he created the landscaped grounds of Tranquil Dale, later called Broome Park. This publication relates the story of the house and its owners and especially traces the history of the park and gardens from their 18th century creation to the present day. It is copiously illustrated with maps, engravings and photographs.

Broome Park, Betchworth was written by Don Josey and published by the Surrey Gardens Trust.  It costs £3 plus £1 postage and packing.  30 pages, 2 colour and 21 black and white illustrations.  ISBN 0 9540630 1 5.


In April 2006 the Surrey Gardens Trust, in association with the Garden History Society, hosted a conference at Wotton House to celebrate the tercentenary of the death of John Evelyn (1620-1706). In this book we publish the papers presented at the conference by eminent Evelyn scholars. 

Gillian Darley sets Evelyn in context; Sally Jeffery writes of his travels in France and Italy and the influence they had on his future ideas; Frances Harris shows that Wotton fostered his passion for trees and the Surrey landscape but casts doubt on Evelyn's involvement in the design of the garden; Douglas Chambers tells of his interest in the contemporary concept of Nature; Maggie Campbell-Culver discusses Evelyn's best known publication, SylvaMark Laird considers how man can control the environment with a greenhouse and his vulnerability in the light of the Great Storm of 1703; Peter Brandon tells how Evelyn's grandson and heir created much of Surrey's wooded landscape; and Mavis Batey's masterly summing-up evaluates his influence at the start of the English Landscape Gardening movement. The book is copiously illustrated with contemporary drawings, engravings and paintings, including tree portraits from the later editions of Sylva

A Celebration of John Evelyn, edited by Mavis Batey, is published by the Surrey Gardens Trust and costs £15 plus postage and packing (see order form). It has 206 pages, 160 illustrations, many of them in colour. ISBN 978-0-9540630-2-3.

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